Non Aerosol Natural Probiotic Spray (Non Scent)

Non Aerosol Natural Probiotic Spray (Non Scent)


Smart Air’s Natural Probiotic Spray is an effective hygiene product to reduce allergens on the go!.

Each Probiotic spray unleashes millions of Probiotic microbes to fight off allergies and asthma triggers by cleaning dangerous biofilm on the microscopic level!

Our natural Probiotic spray is non-gmo, biodegradable and easy to use! Get long lasting, up to 3 days of ongoing protection from dust mites, pet dander, mold spores, and other dangerous pathogens.

Gentle on skin but tough on contaminants. Perfect for all types of surfaces and safe for pets and family.

Use at home, at the office, on bedding and pillows, in the car, at the gym and when traveling for personal micro-environment protection!. To use simply spray in a sweeping motion and reap the benefits of clean air and ongoing Probiotic Protection!

Have microbial protection for indoors on the go at your fingertips!

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